Listen to Charlie’s presentation in Del Mar

“The True Cost of Outsourcing” which includes a total cost comparison of manufacturing in US, Mexico, China, and SE Asia.

Click here to listen now.

And here’s the Powerpoint,  True Cost of Outsourcing for Del Mar Show , so you can follow along.

2 Responses to “Listen to Charlie’s presentation in Del Mar”

  1. Rick Snow says:

    Interested as we are in the process of establishing second sources.

  2. David Sangster says:

    One more comment:

    The Risk Factor “RF” (page 25) has four main elements.

    RF = Geography*(Resources*Expectations) / Capabilities.

    - if Geography risk is up, RF is up (makes sense)
    - If we have high Expectations, the RF goes up (OK)
    - if the supplier is very Capable, RF goes down (OK)

    However, if Resources goes up (OEM putting more resources on teh program), I would intuitively expect the RF to also go down, yet the way the equation is written, the RF INCREASES depite adding more resources to the program.



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