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Five EMS Industry Trends You Can't Afford to Misread

04-13-2012 - 1. EMS/ODM prices are converging. IMPLICATION: For the OEM, using an ODM model historically delivered a cost benefit over an EMS. This is no longer true because costs have been driven up by OEM demands. If you are depending on an ODM model you should be actively exploring other options.

EMS Program Management Training Sessions: IMI

04-02-2012 - Training Session #1: Working with New Customers, Training Session #2:Working with Existing Customers, Training Session #3: Working with Operations, Training Session #4: SWOT Analysis

CBA Client news: ATS Corporation wins Circuits Assembly Award. Again.

04-02-2012 - Applied Technical Services Corporation, a leading supplier of printed circuit board assembly, systems assembly and electronics contract manufacturing services, is pleased to announce today that it has received the highest overall award in the electronics manufacturing services (EMS) category in Circuits Assembly Magazine’s annual Service Excellence Award program for the 2nd consecutive year.

Sustainable electronics manufacturing

03-17-2012 - Recent C-level attention has spotlighted the bottom line benefits of measures to improve sustainability, typically defined in terms relating to environmental impact, including reducing carbon emissions, waste and the use of natural resources.

CBA Client News: Not every Chinese factory exploits workers

03-07-2012 - Hong Kong, March 7, 2012. Ryder Industries, LLC, a Swiss-owned developer and manufacturer of electronic products headquartered in Hong Kong, announces initiatives aimed at fostering and promoting respect, egalitarianism, harmony and initiative in its corporate culture and in that of the greater community in which it operates.

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