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January 2012 ONC Webinar

01-30-2012 - This webinar includes some member updates about coming events, including including a solicitation about where to hold the May member event (Boston, Dallas or San Jose); an explanation of the changes to the ONC report, and some information about the upcoming Special Report, Beyond Outsourcing.

Couples Therapy 101 for OEMs

01-27-2012 - The OEM-EMS relationship is often characterized as dysfunctional, inequitable, or broken, plus a few other choice terms that cannot be put in print. These characterizations might make for colorful discussions over drinks at an industry conference, but they do not tell us much about what is actually going wrong in the relationship.

ONC EMS Members Webinar

01-27-2012 - Charlie presents the ONC first webinar for EMS Members only. He interprets the data from the perspective of the EMS professional, helping them understand the intent and how to use the material to improve the OEM-EMS relationship. This Quarter focuses on the two tables, Geographic Pacing Ratio and Sector Pacing Ratio.

The Distinction Between EMS and ODM Still Matters

01-24-2012 - Nowadays an OEM of electronic products has a seemingly endless array of options to choose from when selecting a manufacturing partner: CM, EMS, ODM, JDM, CDM, to name a few. This assortment of acronyms adds unnecessary complexity to an already challenging activity – the outsourcing of manufacturing – and thereby does a disservice to the customers the providers are trying to engage.

It’s Time to Look Forward: Risk Factors #7-9

01-13-2012 - In the closing paragraph of article number 6 of this Risk Series I mentioned that “Risk is not always a noun (i.e. a probability) as it can also be a transitive verb (an actual exposure) and in the world of business its many underlying elements tend to pile one on top of another.” When I wrote these words, in my mind’s eye, I saw a stack of irregularly shaped blocks struggling to remain vertical.

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