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Risk factor #4: Businesses are operating at higher velocities.

10-21-2011 - Let’s start by agreeing that Business is an inherently risky proposition and today’s maximum velocity business models based on complex, highly leveraged solutions make the situation even worse. Nevertheless, the trend is clear, electronic branding companies (or OEMs) continue to outsource more functions, more often, to more geographically remote locations than ever before.

CBA discusses China vs. Mexico research

10-05-2011 - This podcast records an interview of Eric Miscoll by Offshore Group's Steve Colantuoni about Eric's recent study, Mexico vs. China: An Objective Comparison for North American OEMs.

Risk Factor #3: The Demand Cycle Has Shortened

10-04-2011 - On the surface all of the above seems irrational — the extreme of foot-shooting. But maybe something in the demand cycle has changed in some profound way that would justify these actions? Let’s take a deeper look.

Next Horizons in Electronics Manufacturing Executive Summary

10-04-2011 - This 85-page report covers 18 emerging geographies for electronics manufacturing, offering an analytical framework for decision-making. In the past, the emphasis has been on labor rates alone.

Risk Factor #2: Fewer resources at OEMs worldwide

09-16-2011 - OEM top-level executives have been mining alternative sources of cost-reductions for some time. Squeezing every element of their enterprise in a futile attempt to preserve margin and thereby placate the obscenity called Wall Street. A bizarre new reality where securities analysts have become the arbiters of performance expectations, in spite of the fact that they produce nothing and at best have minimal insight into the real-world complexities of the electronics industry.

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