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09-07-2011 -

Risk Factor #1: Prices are down but costs are up

09-06-2011 - In any commercial enterprise the difference between selling price and the total cost of what is sold needs to be a positive number in order for that enterprise to be profitable. Simply put this means you need to sell your products or services for more than you spend producing and providing them. This is a fundamental tenet of business that everyone reading this article probably understands intuitively.

Outsourcing Lessons from an Industry Case Study

09-06-2011 - There's nothing better than a good story to help illustrate a concept, and that's what CBA's case study approach to data analysis accomplishes. Outsourcing is a highly complex activity, usually involving multiple geographies and corporate entities, and there are an almost infinite number of permutations among type of end product, market, suppliers and technologies.

Made in the USA?

09-06-2011 - Eric blogs on the EBN online website about what it would take to revive US electronics manufacturing.

The Value of Small (or not too big)

08-22-2011 - I received some good feedback after my last column about what EMS need to do to get healthy. Most of it was from colleagues working at smaller tier EMS. Here is a good example of what I heard:

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