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Q3 2011 ONC Members Webinar recording

08-08-2011 - Charlie goes over the changes in the data for this quarter, does a deep dive into the Capacity Utilization charts, and discusses the reasons why the Composite Business Risk (CBR) Index has increased by 45% over the past four years.

Sustainable electronics manufacturing

08-05-2011 - Recent C-level attention has spotlighted the bottom line benefits of measures to improve sustainability, typically defined in terms relating to environmental impact, including reducing carbon emissions, waste and the use of natural resources. What apparently isn’t being discussed as much in the C-suite is the human impact of the exploitation of low labor cost regions, which should be more prominently included in any discussion of sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Listen to Charlie's presentation in Del Mar

07-22-2011 - "The True Cost of Outsourcing" which includes a total cost comparison of manufacturing in US, Mexico, China, and SE Asia.

White Cliffs of Dover

07-21-2011 - Before wrapping up for the weekend on Friday, I read all the stories about the economic recovery sitting in my in-basket. There were 8. I have no idea how I was selected to receive this plethora of prognostications, maybe it’s in punishment for being a Blogger?

Getting Beyond Price

07-06-2011 - One of the hardest-to-explain aspects of outsourcing is that pricing has remained a top concern of OEMs, even as EMS providers have dramatically reduced their operating margins and increased their service offering. The pressure to cut costs is so pervasive it has come to define the contentious EMS/OEM relationship. Why the emphasis on price?

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