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OEM's Internal Spend

04-18-2011 - Here Charlie helps OEMs calculate the amount they spend internally to manage their EMS supply solution.

Global Risk Module

04-18-2011 - This webinar explains how OEMs can monetize the risk of their global supply solution.

The Distinction Between EMS and ODM Still Matters

04-11-2011 - Nowadays an OEM of electronic products has a seemingly endless array of options to choose from when selecting a manufacturing partner: CM, EMS, ODM, JDM, CDM, to name a few. This assortment of acronyms adds unnecessary complexity to an already challenging activity – the outsourcing of manufacturing – and thereby does a disservice to the customers the providers are trying to engage.

ONC Member Comment: Manufacturing in China

02-18-2011 - This comment is from Christopher Janssen, who is managing director of GPC Electronics, based in Sydney, Australia. As a member of CBA's Outsourcing Navigator Council, I participated in the January 2011 Industry Update and was particularly interested in the Case Study for the Quarter.

Guadalajara Still Rocks!

01-12-2011 - I recently had the pleasure of speaking at the PROVELEC Conference in Guadalajara, Mexico. PROVELEC is the annual conference for the electronics cluster in Guadalajara that is represented by CADELEC. It had been about five years since I last visited the industry in Guadalajara and I was very impressed with what I saw.

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