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EBN's Barbara Jorgensen reports on Next Horizon

01-12-2011 - Here's a link to a blog post about our report's Country Profile on India

Why ODMs Will Endure

01-04-2011 - By John Constantine Original design manufacturers (ODM)s offer key benefits to OEMs, who are facing increasing competitive pressures, e.g. requirements to accelerate speed to market, lower costs, shorten product pipelines (inventory) and the shorter of product lifecycle.

Five Sources of Risk in 2011

11-16-2010 - CBA's Composite Risk Index continues to climb, indicating accelerating risk for the electronics manufacturing industry. However, with the announcements of a return to growth, and most analysts saying there's no danger of a double-dip recession, where does the risk come from? Our latest analysis indicates these five sources of risk:

Eric Miscoll's comments on EBNOnline blog

10-22-2010 - What is the best way to assess and compare electronic manufacturing services (EMS) companies?

Are You Suffering from Risk Paralysis?

09-28-2010 - There have been a lot of words expended recently about the hoard of cash corporate managers especially in the US have been stashing the past 18 months. Many expected that by now business spending and hiring would have solved most of our economic woes. Why are companies like Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Nokia, Intel and Chevron choosing to give money back to investors or engage in frantic M&A rather than invest in new products and hire some of the millions of unemployed people?

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