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Beyond Outsourcing Post #2: 10 Global Trends and Implications for OEMs

05-06-2013 - CBA is publishing a series of articles based on our ground-breaking study, Beyond Outsourcing, released to Outsourcing Navigator Members late last year.

Next Evolution for Outsourcing

04-04-2013 - The global outsourcing phenomenon is entering a new phase. EMS prices are rising; geopolitical risk and uncertainty are increasing, and many OEMs are reconsidering their global solution, including abandoning outsourcing altogether for certain segments of the product lifecycle.

Executive Summary: China vs. Mexico research

03-11-2013 - Download a free Executive Summary of Eric's ONC Special Report Mexico vs. China: An Objective Comparison for North American OEMs.

CBA and ITM Consulting Join Forces

02-20-2013 - Together the two firms offer comprehensive electronics manufacturing data and training Strategic planning and training programs for global decision-making February 11, 2013, Maui, Hawaii.

Speaking Truth to Power about VietNam

02-12-2013 - One of the ways our Outsourcing Navigator Council members use our data is to help the manufacturing operations team push back when told by senior management to do something the ops team knows will be catastrophic. Since our data are from real-time industry-specific case studies, and can be tailored to like-kind, scale equivalent analysis, this approach is usually quite compelling, and we have been part of some heroic rescues by the hard-working folks on the front lines for, especially, low to medium volume, complex electronics OEMs.

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