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The True Cost of Labor: An Insider's Insight

02-07-2013 - When we talk to OEMs about the fully burdened cost of labor in geographies around the world they often are in disbelief of the numbers we present. This is true whether we are talking to OEMs in North America, Europe, the Middle East, or Asia. “That’s not what I pay.” Well, on average, actually it is! How can we so certain?

EMS Only Webinar Recording January 2013

02-01-2013 - Charlie explains some disturbing trends from the Quality Factor Index that EMS companies should stay on top of to ensure OEM perception of value remains high for EMS services.

January 2013 ONC Members' Webinar

01-28-2013 -

Contrarian View About Jobs

12-22-2012 - It seems like everyone is talking about jobs these days, especially in the US during this election season. CBA has always been the contrarian in the room – the one in the back when Groupthink threatens to take over, that jumps up and says, ‘Wait a minute, not so fast!’ So in this situation, again we feel we must protest the current narrative that’s unfolding in what passes for thinking in terms of the global workforce.

CBA Industry Resolution for 2013

12-14-2012 - T'is the season for quiet reflection, taking stock of who's been naughty and nice and so forth, so we recently began thinking about New Year’s resolutions for our family members.

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