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More discussions from Eric Miscoll at Electronica

12-06-2012 - Eric Miscoll of Charlie Barnhart & Associates was guest editor at electronica for the EMSNow team and he sat down to discuss his week with Philip Stoten. The two chatted about the changing world of EMS and what the industry might look like moving forward.

Two roundtable discussions from Electronica 2012

12-06-2012 - Chaired by Eric Miscoll the panel debate the issues that are driving EMS business back to Europe and how the global footprint of the industry is in a constant state of flux.

ONC Report #11 October 2012 Webinar

11-26-2012 - Charlie discusses new additions and updates to the ONC dataset, future revisions, and the outlook for coming quarters.

Terry Gou Is Ironic

11-09-2012 - CBA was struck by the irony of a news article recently quoting Terry Gou, head of Taiwanese EMS company Foxconn (Hon Hai), offering to train Americans in electronics manufacturing. The thought was he wanted to help President Obama bring jobs back from China. We read some arrogance and perhaps taunting in that comment from Mr. Gou. It caused us to reflect on the background of his company.

Members' Webinar: Beyond Outsourcing Briefing

10-31-2012 - Charlie explains the rationale and key insights from this important ONC Special Report.

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