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What our clients say....

08-06-2012 - Our company engaged Charlie Barnhart and Associates in an effort to re-calibrate our internal “should-cost” models for contract manufacturing products. CBA’s Global Pricing Methodology proved to be much easier to understand, more efficient to keep up to date, and simpler to customize to our unique requirements and scale than our legacy model...

July 2012 EMS-Only ONC Members' Webinar Recording

08-03-2012 - Charlie explains how to interpret this quarter's data and apply the trends to EMS business.

How Healthy is the Electronics Manufacturing Industry?

07-20-2012 - While improving slightly this quarter and forecast to improve again next quarter, when viewed historically, it would be hard to argue that the global electronics industry is very healthy (see chart below). If a human being’s health were described as functioning at 35%, that person would be dead.

Timing Is Still Everything: Emerging Markets

07-02-2012 - There was an article and blog in the Wall Street Journal today about India’s energy crisis that underscores much of what we have been cautioning about emerging markets for the past two years

Report from Outsourcing Navigator Council meeting at Teradyne

06-19-2012 - CBA's 2nd Annual Outsourcing Navigator Council (ONC) member meeting was held last month at Teradyne's headquarters in North Reading MA. The event's first day combined presentations from host company Teradyne, industry leader EMS, Celestica, and CBA principals with a roundtable moderated by Circuits Assembly's Mike Buetow. The second day was an interactive workshop.

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