CBA Launches New European Study

2010-01-27 03:36:00

CBA, a research and consultancy focused on the intersection between electronics OEMs and their EMS suppliers, has launched a new research study that will compile and analyze business intelligence about the Western European EMS industry This multi-client study is designed to promulgate in-depth and independent data and intelligence about indigenous mid-tier Western EuropeanEMS companies to OEMs seeking to refine and improve their global electronics manufacturing supply solution. "CBA has been recommending its OEM clients adopt a regional approach to global electronics manufacturing for years," commentedEricMiscoll, lead analyst on the study. "This study will help identify some western European EMS players and their capabilities for OEMs in North America looking to design a cost effective supply solution that can give them a competitive edge in Europe." Manufacturing in Europe is migrating to lower labor cost regions, as in other parts of the world. However, CBA research shows that chasing low-cost labor without proper due diligence about total cost can result in catastrophic failure. "The odds of supply chain disruption are very high during the critical first year of an electronic product's launch and ramp to production," cautioned Miscoll. "CBA's mission is to help bring more rationality and due diligence to the electronics manufacturing supply solution design through a Total Cost of Outsourcing analysis. This study will bring objective industry intelligence about suppliers to the OEM during that process." Indigenous EMS companies that would like to participate in the study, which includes in-depth, on-site interviews, should contactEricMiscoll at The study has been launched; data collection commences in Q2 of CY2010. The report will be available by midyear.


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