CBA’s 2015-Q1 Industry Report To Forecast Global Labor Rates

2015-01-15 12:01:00

January 15, 2015, Maui, Hawaii.  Charlie Barnhart & Associates, LLC (CBA) announces the release of its First Quarter 2015 Outsourcing Navigator Council (ONC) report for January 20, 2015.  The main topic for the Quarterly Report 20 is “CBA’s Annual Forecast of Global Labor Rates” which includes the fully burdened cost of labor in all geographies in which the electronics manufacturing industry operates. 

Members of the ONC receive quarterly industry data reports, associated webinars, and updated True Cost of Outsourcing (TCO) Tools in Excel format.  The webinar for this quarter is scheduled for Thursday, January 22, 2015 at 9am PDT.  In addition to the forecast of global labor rates, this webinar will include:

  • A quick look back on CY2014 (i.e. the good, bad & ugly)

  • How these shifts will influence the macro trends in CY2015 (and beyond)

  • How CBA’s methodologies are evolving to keep pace with the changing landscape

For more information about joining the ONC and an overview of the data sets and benefits included in membership, please refer to this website:


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CBA is a business consultancy focused on the intersection of the producers and consumers of electronic manufacturing services.  In this role, CBA researches, advises and trains clients on a broad array of issues including, like-kind/scale-equivalent assessment, industry best practices, should-cost modeling, risk-mitigation and algorithmic trend & pattern analysis.  Additionally CBA created and hosts the Outsourcing Navigator Council, the industry’s broadest collaboration of OEMs, EMS and associated Institutions who subscribe and apply CBA’s database and tool-set in the design and management of their global manufacturing solutions.


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