CBA’s Eric Miscoll Publishes New Report: “Assessing the Human Element in Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)”

2013-05-29 09:12:00

Survey data discloses challenges and opportunities in EMS industry’s HR management practices

Southlake, Texas. May 29, 2013. Charlie Barnhart & Associates’s latest report is a ground-breaking analysis of the EMS industry’s human resource management capabilities. As in most services business, the importance of people to the industry’s bottom line cannot be overstated. Many prominent EMS industry corporate mission statements proclaim that people are their most important assets. With this stated emphasis on ‘the human element’ CBA decided to assess the industry’s human resource management practices. We believe a company’s excellence in this area will be a new source of competitive advantage.

“In the EMS industry, with its low barriers to entry and where many companies were started by engineers, there is an even greater need for attention to ‘people skills’ to find competitive advantage,” explained Eric Miscoll, PhD and SPHR, lead researcher on the project. Miscoll is uniquely qualified to this subject area, with expertise in both organizational psychology, human resource management, and EMS.

This first of its kind report will provide much needed data to senior level strategic planning teams in the EMS industry who face turbulent times ahead. CBA forecasts that the next five years will see much upheaval among these companies. This is due to the fact that the industry’s customer base, the OEMs who outsource their electronics manufacturing, are rethinking their global supply solution, moving their manufacturing from low labor cost regions like China where costs are rising and implementing a ‘build where you sell’ regional approach; some are even bringing some of their manufacturing back in-house, thereby minimizing their need for EMS services.

“Implementing rapid change within an organization requires a skillful strategic business planning process that must include the human element,” declared Miscoll. “This report indicates that the level of planning that will be required is not currently in place,” he warned.

Assessing the Human Element in EMS is based on primary survey data from HR professionals and senior executives, as well as a thorough review of current professional literature. It gives EMS senior managers in-depth, thoughtful strategic planning guidelines and practical advice on mitigating risk in their Human Resource function.The 34-page report is available for a modest fee by contacting Eric Miscoll, (817) 251-4929,

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