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2012-12-06 01:07:00

Eric Miscoll of Charlie Barnhart & Associates was guest editor at electronica for the EMSNow team and he sat down to discuss his week with Philip Stoten. The two chatted about the changing world of EMS and what the industry might look like moving forward.

Drawing on the experience of the week's interviews and roundtables, this wrap up provides a real snap shot of the state of the market.

Filmed on EMSNow's studio sponsored by Avnet, Flextronics SBS and SIPLACE. Eric discusses the Paragon Electronics model focusing on complex electro-mechanical machines with businesses that specialize in component sourcing, RF, test and manufacturing. 

Eric Miscoll of Charlie Barnhart & Associates and Walt Custer, industry statistician sit down to make sense of the numbers. In an interview that should perhaps be subtitled 'don't shoot the messenger', Walt explains how the numbers provide insight and what leads and lags in terms of trends. Eric Miscoll is joined by Gilles Benhamou, Asteelflash's Corporate CEO to talk about the customer centric nature of their business model, their recent acquisition and the development of the business to the fifteenth largest EMS in the world

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