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pics_teamCharlie Barnhart & Associates LLC (CBA) hosts an initiative designed to address the breakdown in communication on matters related to the global outsourcing of electronics manufacturing. Barnhart explains:

Myths, misconceptions and financial gamesmanship have made rational decision-making relative to the electronics manufacturing services industry virtually impossible. Our data reveals just how dissatisfied the OEM community has become with outsourcing. The level of mistrust between the parties is astounding, and wholly unique to this industry. Therefore we have constructed the Outsourcing Navigator Council as a venue where Outsourcing Professionals can get real data-based answers to their questions.”

As the industry’s leading consultancy on the cross-enterprise cost and pricing of global outsourcing, CBA is ideally positioned to provide accurate, applicable and timely data.  In coordination with Charlie’s internationally recognized Global Pricing Methodology and Outsourcing Navigator Series, CBA now delivers this wealth of knowledge to the industry professional by way of a platform of webinars, reports, workshops, and direct consultations.

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Council Membership Includes:

  • Four (4) exclusive, interactive quarterly webinars reporting on current trends, opportunities and risks in the global electronics manufacturing industry
  • Four (4) Quarterly Pricing reports (not publicly available in any other CBA report) on Labor Costs by country; Mark-up & Margin Expectations by both scale & industry sector; Volume discount practices; Current trends & best contracting practices; Analysis of current and projected shortage risks, and much more.
  • Annual retainer for consulting time with CBA
  • Contact: Jeff Tomassoni at jeff@charliebarnhart.com 651-438-0347 for additional details.